Experimenting with mixed techniques again

Long time no see, I have been in a bit of an experimental period in the sense that I have been learning airbrush (off camera mostly) when I have some space over for creating art.

I need to shuffle my priorities a bit now, I can feel it. I have way too little time over for artsy stuff recently and I need to change that. This is what I LOVE to do (besides my horse) and I need to invest more time into it.

I do this mainly for my own gain, it is my feel-good-drug that keeps me up in this crazy world that is spinning faster and faster. I have no illusions I will reach somewhere, I just want to improve for myself and my own purpose in life. And as with all drugs, you need higher and better doses the longer you go; With art it is that I feel I HAVE to improve all the time in order to get the sufficient kick out of it.

Recently it has been slow due to my learning progress of airbrush but recent days, my artworking initiative has started to come back. Especially since I just learned that my airbrush colors works and blend with my promarkers in a beneficial way.

This is a commissioned multi portrait of Peter Steele that I am working on (in time lapse too, so the entire progress will be displayed later)!



Peter Steele mixed media portrait by Paulina Medepon Arts

The bottom picture is the recent image I shot. This has so far taken me about 3 hours, so still VERY early on. Later I will try to add some airbrush touch to it, to make it more interesting (and ups my mixed media concept in one artwork to 6 components; Promarkers, ink, ink pencils, aquarelle pencils, charcoal and airbrush).

To be continued.



About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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