I have made yet another drawing and recorded a time lapse at the same time. Before it only happened that I published a few drawings and artworks online at all. Recently I have both published every artwork AND made time lapses of all of them. So I feel I have “stepped up the heat” recently so to speak.

Mainly I am more active art-wise now because I need to keep myself occupied during a sick leave from work (because of bad sleeping patterns related to nightmares, fatigue and anxiety after a pretty intense incident soon 2 weeks ago, post-traumatic stress let’s say that made me unable to do my work properly at my night shifts) and I need to keep active to not fall apart.

I was also on the borderline of stress-exhaustion just before the “dramatic incident” and what happened “pushed me over the edge” so to speak. I have been working more than I should on my “normal job” recent months and I guess it has worn me out more than I expected, especially since I want to do art and other stuff on the side. Recently it has been hard to gather my head and get into art so now, when all this happened, I am “making up for lost time” and “making something negative to something positive”.

So now I am done with a time lapse video and artwork of my own photo, “Trickster” (self shot reference photo with a remote).
About 5 hours of work in total of the artwork.
Mixed media with mainly Promarkers, Ink pencils, and Acrylics for the background and darker details.

I truly enjoyed using my OWN photos for a change and I think I will continue that route. It’s better to make genuin artworks of something I created completely by myself, from reference to finished product. I enjoy drawing and use other people’s photos for reference also still. But this is truly my creation and due to the moment, it is time I started getting into photography even more to create my own reference bank.

Music: Blutengel – Über den Horizont

Paulina Medepona Arts 2017


“Trickster” – by Paulina Medepona.


About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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