The will to be Perfect versus the Original way

Some thoughts I want to share with you that I struggle with on almost an every day basis but I came to realize this the other day!

The will to perform (mostly portraits) perfect and image-like without flaws, versus the knowledge that it’s the original ideas and flaws that brings you an identity of your own. An example is when I see someone perform absolutely perfect portraits and images without any visible flaws what so ever. A good thing, but is it original?

When things in general are absolutely perfect they loose their charm and uniqueness somehow. I mean, MANY people out there can draw flawless (thanks to social media the internet is FLOODED by by all means perfect artists). But can you differ one artist from another at that stage? Actually, no! Somewhere along the way the flaws and personal treats of the art is lost and replaced by something a bit too perfect.

Don’t misinterpret me. It’s impressive and ambitious to perform something totally image-like. It has taken years of practice. But maybe some practice too much on being perfect and lost their own touch in the process?

My favorite artists have flaws and unique tributes. Skilled and absolutely jawdropping talents that have kept their unique style throughout the process of becoming better and to me that feels more important. I consider that a skill in itself. To find the personal comfort zone and develop things there and create something very unique by doing so.

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to perform too flawless and then I “loose my mojo” completely. I loose my artistic willpower and it can go weeks without drawing anything at all because I feel I must be so perfect. The pressure on myself gets too high so to speak.

I have had one of those periods now when I have felt lost and directionless. But then I realized I have my unique style to tend to. I should take care of it instead of trying to erase it. Embrace it completely and think outside the box.

The most famous artists in the world are unique and most of the times not flawless. It’s the personal flaws that makes them great and appreciated. Shows they are humans but with very intriguing minds.

So maybe my own style is not bad after all? I should cherish it and work on developing it. I should not try to be perfect, I should just do whatever I feel is right to do and above all: What I WANT to do 🙂 That’s how I will keep my personal flare and keep myself interesting 😉 Most of all interesting for myself but maybe for my peers as well!

Just some thoughts!

Here is one of those artworks where I “went outside the box” with yesterday! It’s an oil painting in the background where I cut out a print from my own photos, stuck in the paint and painted over with more oil paint 🙂 I should do more of this stuff. As far as I know not too many people out there do it. At least less people than drawing flawless portraits at least (sorry but, perfection is not my thing, you who do it are all so damn great but it seems it’s not my path to walk 😉 )

Til next time!
//Paulina Medepona


The Valkyrja gig at Mörkaste Småland Festival last autumn, my own photo! Oil on canvas and cutout print.


About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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