Seeking loneliness

Since things changed radically in life and mentally for me I have become more closed. I have been seeking loneliness a lot more. Some would say it’s a sign of that I am not feeling good but for me it’s the opposite! When I go quiet online and in social life, I feel good! I am probably a well-weighed extrovert-introvert, with both extrovert and introvert personality tendencies. In some situations I like to be in the front and leading the pack, in others I hide in the background and hoping to not be seen or noticed. It’s all depending on situation and I can bounce back and fourth between the personalities very efficiently. So both being introvert – and extrovert – is my way to be.

I am not as needy for attention anymore, which is good. If I update things “in public” these days (because ALL internet is public) it’s because I see it as a possibility to follow my timeline (mostly for myself) online and help me to get out to people with things I actually want to say and show (like art and all that). And in periods, that “need to say something” is pretty silent 😉 As now!

I have been hiking the woods and done a good photoshoot which turned out successful on the mountain of Blacksås, Hälsingland (images shown here), gone to Finland for vacation, and taken care of my horse a lot (started to jog with her sometimes, which is pretty fun). All done in peace and most of the times, done alone as well.

I wish I was more about this blogging-thing but life is out there to be lived and I can’t sit around all day indoors to blog about it (because if I don’t live it, how can I blog about it?) 😉 So it’s a balance…! I want to LIVE LIFE and I know some things I do (that not everyone does) can be interesting to write about (because I do things ALL the time, not one day is the same over here and that’s how I prefer it) but well…. I’m not a sucker for fame in that sense so. Hmm. We will see how I do in the future 😉 Maybe my extrovert side takes over and shows you more of my art and what I am doing with my life to waste the time 😉

//Paulina Medepona


About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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