“The B(ee)Side Project”

As some of you might have noticed on my Instagram, I drew a little honey bee over a week ago. WHY you might wonder, hence insects and stuff is not my common thing. It was my very first try in about…. 10 years… to draw an insect and the result was satisfying to be my first in that long time I must say.

I drew it as a gift for a co-worker who is retiring and is a bee farmer in his spare time, selling honey and breeding honey bees. I think it’s more personal to get an artwork instead of flowers and gift cards and because he have such a defined hobby, it was an easy choice đŸ™‚

This is an Apis Mellifera Mellifera, European Dark Bee.

I used a mix between Promarkers, Acrylics, Gel pens, Inktense Inkpencils and Pencil and I must say I like how it turned out! I will try to mix media more often since it’s a very good way to create good depth and hues!

I might draw more insects with time, it was fun.

//Paulina Medepona


About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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