More than a month later: Back on Facebook after the detox and I have regained my life in so many ways!

I was off Facebook for a month, got back on 31st of March, the same day as I left to Finland for 5 days! I have soon been “on-book” for over a month.

And EVERY time I say I will be better at this (writing on the blog), I am not writing for a long time 😉 My problem is that I don’t want to bore you with my shit x) I’m not your classical social media freak who lives for the likes (even less so after the detox from Facebook). And i prefer to keep the “mystery” as it is 😉 haha

I must say it was a good choice to be “off-book”! It gave me time to reset my self and work on my “matters of the soul” for a while. And I have never read as much books as when I was off (and I keep reading even after going online again actually, once you start you can’t stop).

I didn’t do that much art during that time I was off Facebook. It was a calm time where I tried to get my life on track. And I also binge-watched documentaries about every possible interesting subject, like Tjernobyl, Hitler/Second World War, The Antiques, Cults, Occultism, life transformations, music documentaries. The list goes on forever. And I am still going for the documentaries instead of scrolling Facebook actually 😉 Learning instead of being passive = much better choice in my opinion!

During the recent month I have started to do more art, got tattooed, done some photograpy, FINALLY healed a knee I have been struggling with and have been able to start jogging outdoors again. Here is a sample from my Instagram since I got back:

So far so good! I have more to share with you! 🙂

//Paulina Medepona


About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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