Back from a memorable weekend in the sign of extreme metal!

Back from a memorable weekend in the sign of extreme metal!

Back from Mörkaste Småland 2015 and oh BOY what a weekend it has been! I took so many new reference-pictures that I will be able to paint for MONTHS, maybe even a YEAR til next time, just from these pictures! (and I was 100% sober during the entire festival by the way, must have been one the very few except the organizers 😉 )

I have no idea where to begin, I have over 1500 images to go through 😉 But I will probably make a shuffle and start randomly. Then it will be easier to get a system!

My “concept” is that I will try to paint (and maybe even draw) as many of the gigs at Mörkaste Småland as I possibly can squeeze out of myself before my creativity runs low. I also have permission from one of my photographer/journalist-friends (Cecila Wemgård, writes for Crank It Up and Sweden Rock Magazine) to use her images. I might make Promarker-drawings from her images, because most of my images are too blurry to make clear sketches from. The blurriness comes from my camera that is of an older model and the ISO is too low to cope with the darkness of a metal concert most of the times :p (Nikon D60).

Sure, the “blurriness” in my pictures gives them some character and I must say I like the rouch feeling, BUT it would be nice to get clear dark pictures at some point. I might invest in a new, GOOD camera at some point 😉

The concept is popular by the way. Everyone I have told about it (the question have come up when people saw that I had press pass on Mörkaste Småland), and showed the paintings I made of Dark Funeral at Getaway Rock Festival (that I shot with a tiny compact camera x)), think’s it’s an interesting and thrilling idea! So I’m hoping I can get this going! 🙂

At the moment I’m pretty sick, so I will get the painting going when I can manage to sit up for longer than 10 minutes in a row! 😉

I also attended the Mephorash – Ofermod – Voodus – gig at Göta Källare this sunday and took some pictures!

I edited some of them (more to come) to give you an idea on how the images from Mörkaste Småland also looks like, and what I will use to make paintings from! 🙂 More images will be uploaded, probably on my DeviantArt-page!

//Paulina Medepona


About PaulinaMedeponaArts

Art creator with many projects going on! Drawings, paintings, tattoos and photography. I am very keen on portraits!
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2 Responses to Back from a memorable weekend in the sign of extreme metal!

  1. tarithrasher says:

    Nice to read you!
    Feel better soon 🙂

  2. CamKam says:

    Nästa gång Du är förbi 08 så måste du ju skrika till! Schysta bilders från giget 🙂

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