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Hard work ahead!

Today I completed the first painting in my new art direction. It’s not much (and I will fix a few things before I take a new picture (like the “dark funeral” in the background, the letters are off..)…. it’s hard … Continue reading

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My first ever self portrait in oil is done (and it marks the beginning of a new era)

As the title of this entry suggests, this first ever self portrait marks the beginning of a new era for me. I can feel it strongly in my entire body that this period marks the transition into something new,  exciting … Continue reading

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Painting with oil again for the first time in a year or more

I have PAINTED with oil less than a year ago; I started a portrait I won’t finish. I FINISHED an oil portrait over a year ago at the latest, so I figured it was time to start again! I have … Continue reading

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